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Brass Teacher

Hi, I’m Jo and I teach Brass here at Epping music school.

I have played trumpet/cornet since the age of 9 and have completed all my ABRSM exams through to grade 8.

At age 10 I joined Netteswell youth band which went on to become Netteswell Brass 

(As we all got a bit older and were not really youths anymore) where I progressed up to principal solo cornet. When Netteswell Brass stopped running I joined Harlow Brass on solo cornet where I still play now and absolutely love it. 


I am so excited to be working with the Epping music school and hope to help others achieve their musical goals whether that is working towards exams or playing just for fun. I aim to make my lessons enjoyable and help my students to progress to where they want to be and to find a love of music that I have.

Hope to see you soon.


Kezia Lloyd-Morris


Trumpet and Cornet

My name is Kez and I am here to guide trumpeter beginners to intermediate through the start of their exciting journey. I play the trumpet to grade 8, and believe in a patient and gentle style of teaching in order to ensure each pupil feels safe to make mistakes and gain confidence in their playing. 

From playing your first note to more advanced rhythms and melodies, or beautiful famous solos, I aim to inspire new musicians to begin playing an instrument that hopefully brings you joy and a unique way to express yourself. 

Not only can the trumpet make a beautiful sound and open doors to playing most styles of music in various orchestras and bands, but it builds your every day confidence and courage as you learn to make loud mistakes and, through practise, turn them into triumphs. 

I am here for the sole purpose of helping music shape your life in whatever way you choose, and will adjust each lesson to help you reach your goals, having loads of fun along the way. 

See you soon!

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