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Vocal Recordings

Step into the spotlight and let your voice soar with VOCAL RECORDINGS! Immerse yourself in professional-grade sound recording equipment in our state-of-the-art vocal booth. Unleash your passion and book your session today to elevate your sound to new heights!

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Take a look around our vocal booth...

Who should record?

Short answer - ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Some of the most popular reasons we record people are:

  • Vocal Reel for Spotlight

  • Show Reel for a gigging musician

  • To professionally record audition material

  • Celebrate a birthday - treat yourself or someone else and have some fun singing

  • To capture a child's progress with their singing lessons

  • To build confidence. Sometimes we need to hear ourselves to know we are doing GREAT!

  • Release a track on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Whatever your reason to record a song is we can't wait to work with you.

Call or text 07531 700 045 to book your recording

Record your music with experienced composer and recording engineer, Joel Goodman. Joel has most recently produced an album of a musical he wrote about the life of Alan Turing. This album was written and recorded in the same space you will be singing in. The show toured the UK for 81 performances.


Joel is also an experienced vocal coach and plays piano to a professional standard and these skills will ensure that your recording session will result in the best possible finished product.


Call or text 07531 700 045 to book your recording

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