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Please make sure you know where to park when visiting Epping Music School. Woodside Industrial Estate is a busy site and we don't want to inconvenience our neighbours by blocking their access. Please DO NOT park on neighbouring business forecourts at ANY TIMES. Below outlines where on the estate you can park. The lease of Epping Music School is dependent upon our customers adhering to the driving and parking rules of our business estate. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need guidance.

We will not tolerate any rudeness towards our Landlord or neighbouring business owners regarding parking. 

Many thanks for helping us to uphold a good neighbourly reputation.

Joel and Jan

Option 1

As you enter the estate immediately on your left is a row of visitor parking spaces. There are 16 spaces to the front of the estate between the entrance gate & blue cardboard skip, these are all now marked as visitors spaces.


Option 2

If you have taken the immediate left turn and there are no spaces keep going and on your left you will find

7 spaces at the end of the nursery building, this is the gravel area beside the metal staircase to unit 15, please park between the yellow marks on the kerbs which are standard 2.4m parking bay widths. Please be aware the first three spaces are reserved for the cafe.


Option 3

If you have not been able to find a space in those 26 parking bays unfortunately you will have to exit the estate and drive back round towards Pretlove's Removals. This is situated at the back of the estate. Drive in and follow the road ahead. As you follow the horse shoe around you will see a right turn leading to more parking. 


14 spaces opposite Pretloves, take the right hand turning between Unit 31 & Pretloves and spaces are in the gravel area on left along the tree line, again please park between the yellow marks on the kerbs.


Please do not park in the road.

Option 4

There are 20 spaces outside block 6, these are tandem spaces, park in the inner spaces first, if parking in the outer space behind others leave your phone number on the dash, parking here should be your last choice.


Option 5

These are the newest parking spaces and the most convenient for visitors. Located directly opposite the school you can park on the gravel or there are 10 more spaces for visitors running along the back fence.


Please always drive in and enter and exit the estate the correct ways following the signs. Although we are situated near the exit please DO NOT take a shortcut. It is dangerous and also it harms our relationship with neighbouring businesses.

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